Present in more than 80 countries around the world

Comersan is a pioneering textile company in Europe that has some of the best and most advanced facilities in the sector.

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Comersan is very aware of its vision and mission in each work process

And that's how you breathe in your culture, behavior and corporate personality.

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The values ​​of Comersan suppose the motor that moves us to action

We work based on corporate criteria that help us work coherently and together, key to our business success.

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Comersan directs its efforts and investments towards the R + D + i of new products and technical fabrics.

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Comersan contributes to the improvement and conservation of the environment

We recycle the packaging of chemical products and participate in selective collection campaigns.

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Our long trajectory as manufacturers of fabrics, together with our constant work in research and development, has led us to create a wide range of technical textiles with special characteristics for certain sectors of the current industry. Thanks to this constant process of innovation, we have been able to develop a high quality product for a very demanding current market.

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