One of the most experienced textile companies in Spain

Comersan is founded in 1969 by the hand of businessman José Sanjuán Sanjuán.

1969: Comersan is founded as an initiative of the entrepreneur José Sanjuán Sanjuán, as a business specialized in the manufacture and distribution of fabrics for upholstery and decoration.

1980: Comersan becomes Anonymous society.

1988: Comersan He starts his first sales outside Spain, to consolidate later as an exporting and international company. Currently, Comersan has a presence and sells its products in more than 80 countries.

2002: Comersan makes a strong economic investment to modernize and expand its facilities to more than 30.000 m2 current located in Cocentaina (Alicante), from where all the processes of design, production and quality control are carried out. 100% made in Spain. This allows Comersan take a strong economic boost and set its industrial activity, better controlling the product quality and offering faster service.

News: Comersan is one of best textile companies that launches fashion collections for homewear, decoration, upholstery and textile projects for the Contract: for sectors such as hotels, restaurants and anyone who requires textiles. A great competitive advantage sets us apart, and that is that Comersan offers a integral service of preparation, placement and quality control.

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