Stamped on a base that imitates linen, floral or Indian designs with some striking Indo-ethnic design in a selection of soft colors and pastels a delicate and commercial collection.
Classic ornamental print in pastels and soft colorful.
Collection of ethnic drawings with African inspiration, a collection of patterns with geometric elements and a watercolor finish in bright Mediterranean colors.

A collection printed with tropical designs

VIVALDI COLLECTION this collection is created in commemoration of one of the greatest textile masters our world has known, William Morris. Based on its time, we adapted various designs focused on ornamentation, with cashmere mixed between damask and floral, to offer a combination worthy of its time, being reborn with a color palette according to its style. 

This collection is a safe bet. Shades beige, relaxed blue, wild lavender ... They print in the environment sweetness and harmony. Very easy to combine with any furniture.

A tissue based on Jacobean flowers, with eastern air more typical of oriental influence. with vivid and intense colors

An excellent flower design between rustic classic and toil air a delight for any environment and cult for the upholstery if you want to give an air of hand-printed or even painted fabric.

Classical flowers with colors of a vividness and spectacular freshness a must have in the most Mediterranean decoration in our holiday homes.

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At Comersan we are involved in the entire production process: design, weaving, finishing, finishing, stamping, dyeing, manufacturing and installation.  

In the first phase of design, our creative department, in contact with external companies of prediction of trends, designs around 300 references that go from the timeless classics to the most current colors and compositions.


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