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Jacobean flowers with a floral cord and several designs of textures and small patterns to complete a contemporary collection that fits in most environments.
Classic ornamental print in pastels and soft colorful.
Ornamental Jacquard collection with brightness and a touch of modernity with a worked grunge that gives it a vintage look but luxurious at the same time, they are damask and ornamental designs with a texture as a complement. It can be as much for contemporary environments as for those who want to give an oriental ethnical touch.

Collection of deviled net curtains with different designs between current and classic.

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VIVALDI COLLECTION this collection is created in commemoration of one of the greatest textile masters our world has known, William Morris. Based on its time, we adapted various designs focused on ornamentation, with cashmere mixed between damask and floral, to offer a combination worthy of its time, being reborn with a color palette according to its style. 

This collection is a safe bet. Shades beige, relaxed blue, wild lavender ... They print in the environment sweetness and harmony. Very easy to combine with any furniture.

Collection of natural aspect with geometric designs of oriental air, with effects of weaver that give relief and texture to the fabric.

A collection printed with tropical designs

The Mediterranean and its cultures, its temples, its architecture, its street life. It has created a number of reasons that have been studied and compiled from the design principles. Owen Jones published numerous designs that were collecting of lost civilizations among them those that are around the Mediterranean. With this intention the Mediterranean collection wants to travel to these civilizations and proposes a series of designs that bring us closer. The color, of course, accompanies that idea, although darker and current palettes are also proposed with fresh and vibrant colors.

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At Comersan we are involved in the entire production process: design, weaving, finishing, finishing, stamping, dyeing, manufacturing and installation.  

In the first phase of design, our creative department, in contact with external companies of prediction of trends, designs around 300 references that go from the timeless classics to the most current colors and compositions.


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