The "Wild Jungle" trend, a lively update of the tropical style, inspires this new textile collection that incorporates jacquard motifs, with bright colors, dark backgrounds and ethnic drawings to complement its designs based on jungle vegetation, exotic flowers and plants. A catalog that offers the latest in decorative trends for contract textile projects.
Jacobean flowers with a floral cord and several designs of textures and small patterns to complete a contemporary collection that fits in most environments.
Flowers Clasiscas stamped, with Provencal airs and Spanish inspiration, old colors with coordinated watercolors.
Stamped on a base that imitates linen, floral or Indian designs with some striking Indo-ethnic design in a selection of soft colors and pastels a delicate and commercial collection.
Jacobean flowers with a floral cord and several designs of textures and small patterns to complete a contemporary collection that fits in most environments.
Collection Jacquard, on a classic flower and with some vintage conaires, textures, smooth fake a small stripe complete the collection that offers many alternatives for its application. We add a sober color, with a natural air and some pastel touch.

This collection is a safe bet. Shades beige, relaxed blue, wild lavender ... They print in the environment sweetness and harmony. Very easy to combine with any furniture.

A tissue based on Jacobean flowers, with eastern air more typical of oriental influence. with bright colors and intent full of weaving effects and textures with reliefs that give us the sensation of being embroidered by expert hands.

The new GALILEO collection is a reflection of the classic trends in decoration, which, rather than imposing rigid fashion guidelines, open the way to miscegenation and the combination of qualities, designs and color. In this way an important and solemn ornamental design is presented together smooth that inspire the velvets and stripes in concordance of color and style. In the same way, rich qualities of velvety appearance coexist with designs at the same time classic and elegant. It is presented as a classic collection in terms of designs, which bets on velvety elegance and where color is the guiding thread, which brings new designs and textures, enriching the already extensive collection collection. Current bet that leads us to a sober and elegant field when it comes to decoration. A select variety of tapestries, textures and qualities that provide innumerable options of use.

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From Comersan we are involved in the entire production process: design, weaving, finishes, ennoblements, stamping, tinting, making and installation.

In the first phase of design, our creative department, in contact with external companies of prediction of trends, designs around 300 references that go from the timeless classics to the most current colors and compositions.

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