Jacquard with small ethnic motifs, combining gloss and matte effect.
Stamped on a base that imitates linen, floral or Indian designs with some striking Indo-ethnic design in a selection of soft colors and pastels a delicate and commercial collection.
Collection of ethnic drawings with African inspiration, a collection of patterns with geometric elements and a watercolor finish in bright Mediterranean colors.

PERSIA COLLECTION, collection that has been thought and created in a traditional but daring way. In it we find a quality liveliness and beauty, giving way to a complete and open composition ready and prepared for all kinds of tastes. In it there are both neutral tones and tones full of powerful colors perfect for the upholstery of cushions, curtains and upholstery. We take advantage of 100% the most pure ethnic style, mixing an assortment of stripes with their own zigzag contours and care millimeter, designed to coordinate with the total of the drawings. On the other hand, for example, we also have the KARUN design, which together with a smooth one as the ALI drawings, we form a well-resolved combination to decorate our home.

Collection of natural aspect with geometric designs of oriental air, with effects of weaver that give relief and texture to the fabric.

ATLANTIS COLLECTION is an inspiration in itself. Their colors combined with their own irregular artistic style, make the difference in front of exteriors devoid of light or definition. His motifs intermingle different styles brought to a more personal territory, where a scratch sutíl combines perfectly between brush strokes, lines and radiant glazes of color and freshness.

The Mediterranean and its cultures, its temples, its architecture, its street life. It has created a number of reasons that have been studied and compiled from the design principles. Owen Jones published numerous designs that were collecting of lost civilizations among them those that are around the Mediterranean. With this intention the Mediterranean collection wants to travel to these civilizations and proposes a series of designs that bring us closer. The color, of course, accompanies that idea, although darker and current palettes are also proposed with fresh and vibrant colors.

Stamped skins the most ecological solution and with a super realistic result, for this style that will always have a significant gap in the world of decoration and design. It goes without saying that it is something that accompanies the human being from its beginnings and the use of animal skins as a decorative element. This collection is a selection of the most sold skins with a realistic quality patterned transfer on a microfiber that still gives more reality to the touch and a look of skin turned or suede.

Olimpia collection of eastern Mediterranean-inspired prints, mosaics and geometric designs that transport us to the shores of phosphorus or next to an island in the Ionian Sea. Between East and West the Olimpia collection gives us the opportunity to create decoration spaces with historical essence but with trendy colors, ideal to combine with any element of the house. This collection proposes a combination of 7 colors designed for decoration offering several proposals ranging from more neutral and more daring colorful combinations through the most orthodox proposals.

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