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Jacobean flowers with a floral cord and several designs of textures and small patterns to complete a contemporary collection that fits in most environments.
Collation of geometric patterns and digital repetitions in Jacquard, combining textures and brightness is collection that coordinates with many modern ambinetes in addition to having a small geometric that could be considered almost textures, or pixelated.
Ornamental Jacquard collection with brightness and a touch of modernity with a worked grunge that gives it a vintage look but luxurious at the same time, they are damask and ornamental designs with a texture as a complement. It can be as much for contemporary environments as for those who want to give an oriental ethnical touch.
Collection Jacquard, on a classic flower and with some vintage conaires, textures, smooth fake a small stripe complete the collection that offers many alternatives for its application. We add a sober color, with a natural air and some pastel touch.

The Ameli collection of classic and pro-european design is ideal for rural and rustic environments.

This collection is a safe bet. Shades beige, relaxed blue, wild lavender ... They print in the environment sweetness and harmony. Very easy to combine with any furniture.

The Victoria textile collection stands out for the elegance of the gray / black fabric made of Jacquard. Create a serene atmosphere with personality.

Collection of natural aspect with geometric designs of oriental air, with effects of weaver that give relief and texture to the fabric.

Collection of deviled net curtains with different designs between current and classic.

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