A tissue based on Jacobean flowers, with eastern air more typical of oriental influence. with vivid and intense colors

The Mediterranean and its cultures, its temples, its architecture, its street life. It has created a number of reasons that have been studied and compiled from the design principles. Owen Jones published numerous designs that were collecting of lost civilizations among them those that are around the Mediterranean. With this intention the Mediterranean collection wants to travel to these civilizations and proposes a series of designs that bring us closer. The color, of course, accompanies that idea, although darker and current palettes are also proposed with fresh and vibrant colors.

MILDRED COLLECTION, CHARLOTTE, ASHLEY, NADINE, EVELYN ... These names correspond to a series of drawings, where the stripes and pictures merge with intense florals full of life, coordinating perfectly and seeking harmony in the home. However, we can always count on the smooth CHLOE that stands out for its simplicity, highlighting a vintage texture that opens a range of optimal possibilities to decorate our comfort zone. When we make our compositions in general, we can always be satisfied with what we have or we can go a little further and combine the different colors to achieve a unique combination.

Collection of botanicals with traditional and Provencal air.

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comersan upholstery and decoration

We are a leading fashion textile company in Spain and a benchmark in Europe, within the decoration, upholstery and contract sectors. Our experience in the market in which we operate from 1969 has given us the ability to produce all our articles in Spain. This fact has helped us to position ourselves as one of the best ambassadors of the Spanish industrial sector; We generate one of the values ​​required by the national economy, by creating employment and maintaining investment in the national territory.


From Comersan we are involved in the entire production process: design, weaving, finishes, ennoblements, stamping, tinting, making and installation.

In the first phase of design, our creative department, in contact with external companies of prediction of trends, designs around 300 references that go from the timeless classics to the most current colors and compositions.

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